Rest & Restore Bundle

Rest & Restore Bundle

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When the days become short and the temperature drops, this seasonal bundle of good things from the hive will help see you through.

Rest & Restore Bundle contains:

1 x 12oz Sussex Wildflower Honey

This versatile multi-floral honey offers a unique flavour of our Sussex wild flora. From the wild cherry and hawthorn blossoms of Spring, to the Bramble and Sweet Chestnut flowers of late Summer. 

All The Sussex Bee honey is unpasteurised and from our own bees. It is harvested with care and jarred by hand in small batches. It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

1 x Pair Hand Dipped Sussex Beeswax Dinner Candles

The Sussex Bee hand dipped beeswax candles are made by Lia, using traditional candle dipping methods with our own Sussex Beeswax. 

Shaped by gravity and patience, each The Sussex Bee candle is dipped up to 30 times to create a naturally scented sustainable dinner candle, with a slow burn and a beautiful bright light.

Approximate Measurements: Height 22cm, Base Diameter 2cm 

1 x Sussex Honey & Turmeric Latte Paste (125g)

Our Sussex Honey & Turmeric Latte Paste, when added to warm milk, is perfect for creating a delicious Turmeric Latte at home. The Sussex Bee small batch unpasteurised Sussex Wildflower Honey has been generously infused with Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon and offers natural anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties to soothe and restore.