The Sussex Bee is a small-scale apiary, nestled in the heart of Sussex, run by Lia, in partnership with over 1 million bees.
Having tended to bees since childhood, Lia has learned the art of beekeeping from her father, who has cared for honeybees for over fifty years – and still does so to this day.
Wishing to reignite fond beekeeping memories of her past, Lia established two colonies of her own in 2014 and now manages over 20 hives.
Lia’s traditional wooden beehives are located in ancient woodland, in the village of Ansty, overlooking two naturally seeded wildflower fields. The diversity of this flora is reflected in the flavour of The Sussex Bee honey. Each hand poured batch is unique in taste, showcasing seasonal variations of the Sussex countryside. 
In more recent years, Lia has established several small out apiaries in Sussex, where the bees can forage on orchard fruit blossom and wild flora of the local area.