Hand Dipped Sussex Beeswax Slim Candles - Nettle

Hand Dipped Sussex Beeswax Slim Candles - Nettle

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A little gift of light and colour from our natural world!

The Sussex Bee hand dipped beeswax candles are made by Lia, using traditional candle dipping methods with our own Sussex Beeswax. 

Shaped by gravity and patience, each candle is dipped by hand to create a naturally scented sustainable dinner candle, with a slow burn and a beautiful bright light.

The gentle green of these candles has been achieved through a slow natural dye process ~ using nettle leaves foraged from our Sussex apiary. No chemicals, no synthetic colour, just beeswax with a joyful olive tone, gifted by the humble nettle.

Approximate Measurements: Height 22cm, Base Diameter 1cm 

Price is for one joined pair (two candles).

Candle Care

- Trim Wick to 5mm before lighting

- Keep candle free from any material including matches and wick trimmings

- Only burn candle on a level, fire resistant surface

- Do not burn candle for more than four hours at a time

- Always burn candle within sight

- Keep lit candle away from draught and vibrations

- Keep out of reach of children and pets